If using Wi-Fi - Download the WaveCAST App to use our assistive listening system with your mobile device or bluetooth hearing aid:

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How to access the Assistive Listening Systems

(Hearing Augmentation)

We have recently installed a new assistive listening system in the Main Theatre & Lighthouse Studio.

This new system provides an improved experience when using the system, as well as providing flexibility in how to access the audio signal.

Hearing Loop T-Switch Icon T-Switch Hearing Aids or Headphones

To access the system using a hearing aid fitted with a T-Switch, or using headphones:
1. Collect a receiver pack from the Box Office prior to the performance.
2. Hang the receiver around your neck.
3. If using the induction neck loop, please hang this around your neck as well.
4. Plug the neck loop, or your own earphones, into the headphone jack on the pack.
5. Ensure the receiver knob is set to (1) if in the THEATRE, or (2) if in the STUDIO.
6. Adjust the volume wheel until you can comfortably hear the audio stream.

If you are not hearing anything, please ensure the pack is hanging around your neck in view of the stage (it is marked which side faces ‘TO STAGE’. This system uses IR transmitters, and requires line of sight to the stage to work effectively. The sound will work prior to the commencement of the performance.

If you are having trouble, please ask one of our friendly ushers or staff for assistance.


Bluetooth Icon Bluetooth Hearing Aids or via personal mobile device

To access the system using a hearing aid that is Bluetooth enabled (ie: connected to your mobile device) or via headphones connected to your mobile device:

1. Ensure you have downloaded the WaveCAST Audio Receiver app from the App Store (Apple & Android). The app download links can be found at the top of this page.
2. Connect your device to the ‘Free WiFi - Lighthouse Theatre’ network via the WiFi settings on your device. You will need to tick the box, and click ‘Get Online’ on the pop up page.
3. Once connected, open the WaveCAST Audio Receiver app, and the app will automatically present the two audio stream options: THEATRE or STUDIO. Select the one that reflects the venue you are seated in.
4. The app will begin streaming the audio from the venue. You can then utilise the audio settings on your device to send the audio to your connected hearing aid or headphones. If unsure how to make your Bluetooth hearing aid connect, please consult your aid manufacturer’s information documents.

Download the WaveCAST App via the buttons at the top of the page, or the links below:

Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/wavecast-audio-receiver/id1458383632

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.williamsav.wavecast_receiver


If you are having trouble with any system, please speak to our friendly ushers or staff. We will do our best to assist. Unfortunately, due to the various mobile device and Bluetooth hearing aid devices, we may be unable to assist in every circumstance where an issue arises related to your own personal equipment.

We hope this new system can significantly improve your listening experience whilst attending events at the Lighthouse Theatre.