Primary Performers General Information & Expectations

Updated: 20/04/18


PP Information Hub:

A hub of information will be maintained on our website and is accessible at the following address: www.lighthousetheatre.com.au/pp2018    

All the relevant information, links and schedules will be available to access here. We will also be sending out regular information updates. Information will also be kept updated via the online hub mentioned above.

Contact Information:

If you need to contact us, please use the following contacts:

General Enquiries (including parent roster queries): Contact the Lighthouse Theatre on 5559 4999 or email primaryperformers [at] warrnambool [dot] vic [dot] gov [dot] au

Show Directors/Children Absent from Rehearsals: Please contact Kerry Ziegler on 0428 239 127

Performance Dates:

School Performances: Thursday 13th September at 12.30pm & Friday 14th September at 12.30pm

Public Performance: Friday 14th September at 6.30pm & Saturday 15th September at 2pm



Child Safety:

Warrnambool City Council & Lighthouse Theatre are committed to the Victorian Government’s Child Safe Standards and the safety of all children participating in the Primary Performers program. Council & Lighthouse Theatre have developed a set of Child Safety Policies, Compliance Guidelines and Conduct Guidelines, that all staff, volunteers and PP participants must abide by during the program. The Child Safe policy documents are available on the Lighthouse Theatre website, accessible via the Info Hub, and a copy of the Child Safe Conduct Guidelines are provided with this information sheet for all parents/guardians to view. All parents/guardians are considered to have accepted abiding by these guidelines when they sign up their children for the program. Queries regarding the Child Safe policies can be directed to Lighthouse Theatre staff.

When attending rehearsals, Directors & Supervisors will wear yellow vests. This allows them to be easily identified to both children & parents/guardians. These people will be skilled to assist children and adults with any questions or concerns they have. Lighthouse Theatre staff can also assist where necessary.

Rehearsals and Expected Participation Level:

Rehearsals are held each Wednesday from 3.45pm to 5.15pm and Sunday from 10am to 12.00pm (excluding school holidays and Queen Birthday long weekend). We ask that each child should attend a minimum of 80% of rehearsals; otherwise they may not be able to fully participate in the show. A rehearsal schedule is available to view via the online hub and a copy is also attached to this document. Occasionally, there may be some rehearsals children will not be required to attend, however this is the exception rather than a rule; and will be clearly communicated to parents via email.

Parent/Guardian Volunteering Commitment:

We ask that each family has at least one parent/guardian that is able to volunteer in at least one aspect of the program. All families will be expected to volunteer as a rehearsal assistant at a minimum and a roster for this will be developed in the first 2-3 weeks of the program.

We also ask that parents/guardians consider how they can assist in other production aspects. Each team will have a team leader that can be contacted to discuss how you might be able to be involved in this area.

Volunteers will need to register with Lighthouse Theatre (either during child registration, or later via Info Hub) prior to being able to volunteer with the program. All volunteers will need to have a Working with Children Check card or VIT card, and have presented this to the Lighthouse Theatre prior to your first shift. When working in any volunteering role at the theatre, we now require all persons to wear their WWCC card in a lanyard around their neck. This ensures that all persons volunteering or supervising around children are identifiable as part of the program. Lanyards will be provided at the sign in/out table.

Parents/Guardians or other adults formally assisting in any roles will wear pink vests to identify themselves as assistants.

Pickup & Drop Off of Children:

Children need to be dropped off and collected from:

  • Theatre Rehearsals: Timor Street Stage Door
  • Studio Rehearsals: Lighthouse Theatre Atrium (via Main Entry)

As per our new child safety guidelines, an adult parent/guardian must sign in and out the children on drop off and pickup. Children are not permitted to sign themselves in or out.

Parents & Family Members during Rehearsals:

There are some important rules that we need parents and family to follow during rehearsals to prevent distraction. We welcome parents to sit in the auditorium and watch their children rehearse; however please do not bring other siblings (particularly younger ones) in to rehearsals as this can be very distracting. Parents must enter via the main Lighthouse Theatre entry, and must not access the auditorium via backstage.

Children’s Behaviour during Rehearsals:

We expect all children in the program to be well behaved when at the theatre, and treat the venue with respect. Therefore, there is no running allowed in the centre, and definitely no jumping off the stage. We ask that you always use your best manners between each other, and to the organisers, staff and parents. While other children are rehearsing & reading lines, all other children are asked to please remain still & quiet. We ask that you do not bring any electronic devices (inc. iPads, iPhones, computers or toys) to the rehearsal to prevent distractions, and also to prevent damage to their electronic devices. Children will be required to listen to any directions from the Directors or Supervisors in pink vests during rehearsals.

Food & Drink:

Food and drink can be consumed in the green room only, and we ask that children only bring a healthy snack and capped water bottles to prevent mess. Our theatre is a ‘chewing gum’ free area.

Lost Property:

If you do happen to leave something behind please contact the Box Office on 5559 4999.

The Lighthouse Theatre takes no responsibility for any items brought to the venue and lost or broken during rehearsals. Expensive or delicate items must not be brought to rehearsals.



This year we will be implementing an Expression of Interest process for the program. Due to overwhelming popularity over the past few years, and restrictions on the maximum cast size that we can accommodate, this is the best way to ensure a fair, balanced cast for the performance. It will not be a first in-best dressed selection. Only children in Grade 1 to 6 in 2018 will be accepted.

Expressions of Interest will open on the PP Info Hub (www.lighthousetheatre.com.au/pp2018) at 9am on Tuesday 24th April, and close at 10am on Friday 27th April. If you wish for your child or children to take part in the program, they must be registered for the EOI prior to the closing time. Late EOI’s will not be accepted. The form is device-friendly, and Lighthouse Theatre can assist if you are having technical difficulties.

Following the close of the EOI, the Directors & Program Leaders will review the expressions and confirm a cast of children based on the available registrations. We want to ensure an even spread of ages across the program.

On Monday 30th April, all parents/guardians will be notified via email of the outcome of the EOI. If you have been selected for the program, the email will contain a link to register your child in the program and pay the registration fee of $65. Registration must be completed by 9am, Wednesday 2nd May. If you have difficulty receiving emails or paying the registration fee, please contact the Lighthouse Theatre for assistance, we are more than happy to discuss your situation and assist.

Working with Children Check:

We require all parents/guardians who are volunteering with the program to hold a current Working with Children Check card, to ensure compliance with Council’s Child Safety Policy & the Child Safe Standards. If you hold a WWCC card, please bring the original card to the box office for sighting and copying or provide an authorised copy to the theatre. If you do not have a WWCC, Volunteer Cards are free to apply for. Volunteers@Warrnambool based in the Archie Graham Centre can assist with the application if required.



If you have any other queries or require further information, please contact the Lighthouse Theatre on 5559 4999 or at primaryperformers [at] warrnambool [dot] vic [dot] gov [dot] au

Also, remember to keep checking the PP Information Hub at www.lighthousetheatre.com.au/pp2018