Primary Performers General Information & Expectations

Updated: 19/04/17


PP Information Hub:

A hub of information will be maintained on our website and is accessible at the following address:   

All the relevant information, links and schedules will be available to access here. We will also be sending out regular information updates. When registering, please select if your contact preference is email or post. Information will also be kept updated via the online hub mentioned above.

Contact Information:

If you need to contact us, please use the following contacts:

General Enquiries (including parent roster queries): Contact the Lighthouse Theatre on 5559 4999 or email

Show Directors/Children Absent from Rehearsals: Please contact Kerry Ziegler on 0428 239 127

Performance Dates:

Schools Performances: Thursday 14th September at 12.30pm & Friday 15th September at 12.30pm

Public Performance: Saturday 16th September at 2pm (possible second performance Friday 15th September at 6pm)


Rehearsals and Expected Participation Level:

Rehearsals are held each Wednesday from 3.45pm to 5.15pm and Sunday from 10am to 12.00pm (excluding school holidays, Mother’s Day and Queen Birthday long weekends). We ask that each child should attend at least 80% of rehearsals; otherwise they may not be able to fully participate in the show. A rehearsal schedule is available to view via the online hub and a copy is also attached to this document. Occasionally, there may be some rehearsals children will not be required to attend, however this is the exception rather than a rule; and will be clearly communicated to parents via email.

Parent/Guardian Volunteering Commitment:

We ask that each family has at least one parent/guardian that is able to volunteer in at least one aspect of the program. All families will be expected to volunteer as a rehearsal assistant at a minimum and a roster for this will be developed in the first 2-3 weeks of the program.

We also ask that parents/guardians consider how they can assist in other production aspects. Each team will have a team leader that can be contacted to discuss how you might be able to be involved in this area.

Pickup & Drop Off of Children:

Children need to be dropped off and collected from Timor Street Stage Door. There is a loading bay at the front of this area but please do not use it for extended parking – it will be a costly park if issued with a fine! There is also plenty of short term parking surrounding the theatre. A parent/guardian must come to stage door and sign their children in and out of the building.

Parents & Family Members during Rehearsals:

There are some important rules that we need parents and family to follow during rehearsals to prevent distraction. We welcome parents to sit in the auditorium and watch their children rehearse; however please do not bring other siblings (particularly younger ones) in to rehearsals as this can be very distracting. We require that you do not stay on stage during the rehearsal unless you are the rehearsal assistant for that day. Parents who are filling this role will wear pink vests so they are easily identifiable to the children in the program.

Children’s Behaviour during Rehearsals:

We expect all children in the program to be well behaved when at the theatre, and treat the venue with respect. Therefore, there is no running allowed in the centre, and definitely no jumping off the stage. We ask that you always use your best manners between each other, and to the organisers, staff and parents. While other children are rehearsing & reading lines, all other children are asked to please remain still & quiet. We ask that you do not bring any electronic devices (inc. iPads, iPhones, computers or toys) to the rehearsal to prevent distractions, and also to prevent damage to their electronic devices. Children will be required to listen to any directions from the Directors or rehearsal assistants in pink vests during rehearsals.

Food & Drink:

Food and drink can be consumed in the green room only, and we ask that children only bring a healthy snack and capped water bottles to prevent mess. Our theatre is a ‘chewing gum’ free area.

Lost Property:

If you do happen to leave something behind please contact the Box Office on 555 94 999.

The Lighthouse Theatre takes no responsibility for any items brought to the venue and lost or broken during rehearsals. Expensive or delicate items must not be brought to rehearsals.


The program is being capped at 80 children, to ensure the best possible outcome for those who are taking part in the program. The program is also only open to children in Grade 1 to 6 in 2017.

The program will cost $65 per child, which includes a T-Shirt and one DVD per family of the performance.

How to register:

Registration for the program will be managed via an online form. Payment will also be made at the end of this form. Your registration is not complete unless payment is received at the time of registration.
The registration form can be accessed via the online hub at

This form will open from 12pm on Sunday 23rd April 2017. This form will close once the registration cap has been reached or at 5pm Friday 28th April, whichever comes first.

The online form is mobile friendly, so it can be accessed on any device. If for any reason you cannot complete the form online, please contact the box office for an alternative.

Statutory Declaration/Working with Children Check:

We require all parents/guardians who are volunteering with the program to either hold a current working with children check card or complete a Statutory Declaration form, declaring you are fit & eligible to work with children. If you hold a WWCC card, please bring the original card to the box office for copying or provide an authorised copy to the theatre. If you do not have a WWCC or would prefer to complete a Statutory Declaration, the PP Statutory Declaration form is available for download from the online hub. The page also lists all the people who are authorised to witness a Statutory Declaration. This form should be completed, signed and returned to the box office prior to your first volunteer shift.


If you have any other queries or require further information, please contact the Lighthouse Theatre on 5559 4999 or at

Also, remember to keep checking the PP Information Hub at