With a career spanning 25 years (35 singles, 13 albums, 6 ARIA awards) and record sales edging 1 million, DIESEL the journeyman of music is on his way to some very special venues, in select regional areas with The Velvet Curtain Tour.

With blues music in his “DNA”, an influence largely from his Father’s record collection, DIESEL has blended all styles to come up with a truly unique sound, punctuated with his distinct guitar playing and vocals.

Rewind to 2005… ‘Singled Out’ is released- a solo live recording which is the catalyst for DIESEL embarking on a juggernaut solo tour, a tour that will establish him as a solo performer. 8 years on and DIESEL has evolved into a solo artist of great diversity.

Alongside the hits and rarities people have grown to expect from an artist of longevity, DIESEL blends his influences by also playing tracks from Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Neil Young (to name a few…) combined with the unique ‘theatre’ environment, it makes for an all encompassing musical experience.

The Velvet Curtain Tour- a special artist playing some of the most special venues in the country.