Welcome to Lighthouse Theatre

The Lighthouse Theatre is pleased to bring you a host of great shows to light up your July.

Don’t miss Oz Opera’s performance of Mozart’s final opera, The Magic Flute on July 19. There will be mummies, hieroglyphic puzzles and a good few laughs along the way, but is it opera? Mozart didn’t care, and nor should you. Mozart was far more concerned with firing his audience’s imagination through the power of music which is why you’ll find something for everyone.

Bring the kids in their PJs and enjoy a truly family night out with Pete the Sheep on July 21.

More than 50 years on, The Delltones are still enchanting and entertaining audiences and they’ll be bringing their unique brand of rock ‘n’ roll to Warrnambool on July 26.

Visit the What’s On page for more information on these and other upcoming shows.